Septic Systems

A septic system achieves sewage treatment and disposal for rural homes where centralized sewage systems may not be available. It is composed of a septic tank and a drain field. The sewage flows from the house to the septic tank where the solids are removed; the wastewater then flows to the drainfield where it is allowed to soak into the ground.

The drainfield (leachfield, disposal trench or subsurface disposal field) is an underground piping network buried below the surface of the ground. The field distributes the effluent from the septic tank over a large area allowing it to percolate through the soil.

Conventional drainfields have used perforated pipe and stone systems or concrete galleries to distribute the effluent. CULTEC’s Contactor and Recharger plastic chambers may be used in place of these conventional systems for more effective installation.

Each state (and sometimes county or local municipality) has written septic regulations and guidelines which outline the square footage sizing required for a given septic leachfield.Our plastic septic chambers have been widely accepted in most parts of the United States for gravel-less septic leachfields as replacements for concrete galleries and conventional pipe and stone systems. Contact area is maximized by the fully open bottoms, perforated sidewalls, and use of CULTEC No. 410 Filter Fabric. The CULTEC No. 410 Filter Fabric works as a sponge wetting the entire surface area of the chambers and prevents soil intrusion. Units may be configured in trench or bed installations using gravity feed or pressure distribution according to acceptance by local regulations. Due to their greater contact area, CULTEC chambers are commonly allowed to reduce the overall system sizing requirements up to 50% when approved by the local authority.This sizing reduction may be a key factor when choosing septic products for a residence with tight site constraints, existing landscaping or when area is desired for other structures such as a swimming pool.

System benefits include:

  • Less land area required
  • Greater contact with primary leaching area promotes maximum infiltration capabilities
  • Lightweight
  • Gravel-less installation allows for less heavy equipment time
  • Patented overlapping rib connection is fast and easy to install
  • Repeating support panel adds to strength of installation
  • Long structural life expectancy
  • Able to transport in a pick up truck
  • Approved by IAPMO

Typical Gravel-less Septic System Installation using CULTEC Chamber Shows CULTEC No. 410 filter fabric on top of chamber. Pipe is installed 6″ into chamber endwall.

Typical Gravel Septic System Installation using CULTEC Chamber Shows gravel surrounding chamber and CULTEC No. 410 filter fabric on top. Pipe is installed 6″ into chamber endwall.

Check with your local municipality regarding the usage of CULTEC plastic septic chambers.

Please note: Although CULTEC septic products may be shipped to any location, we are currently most cost-effective in the following states: CT, MA, ME, NH, NY. and VT. Call for details.