Advantages For Septic

General Advantages

High Infiltrative Capability
CULTEC, Inc. septic systems promote higher efficiency than conventional pipe and stone systems by providing greater contact of effluent and soil surface. Perforated sidewalls and full open bottom maximize infiltration capability.

Sizing Reductions
Although every state and often, local authority evaluates chambers differently, most regulatory agencies allow for reductions in the required square footage of septic leachfields when using chamber systems. This sizing reduction typically falls between 25-50%. This reduction in system sizing allows for a smaller square foot footprint and frees up land for other uses (IE: swimming pool). Smaller required system sizes also allow for full functioning systems in tight building lots.

More Effective
Direct contact is possible between effluent and soil with CULTEC Chambers with Contactor®, Recharger® and Field Drain™ open chamber bottoms. CULTEC was the first chamber system to offer upper surface evaporative capability. The combination of the ribbed design and the spacing between the ribs covered with our engineered filter fabric promotes effective infiltration on sidewalls and on the top of the units. We have always promoted our two-part system of chamber and filter fabric together. When the effluent feed pipe is positioned above the overall height of the unit (which is usually the case in the typical septic installation) this total drainage interface averages more than 60% higher than a conventional PVC pipe and stone system of comparable size and storage capacity is 100% higher. In conventional pipe and stone systems, the use of dirty crushed stone can totally seal the available bottom interface that is normally determined to be the most effective. Contactor®, Recharger® and Field Drain™ use more of the available interface. The availability of greater storage capacity provides time to allow proper infiltration in the CULTEC system.

Greater Contact Area
Filter fabric prevents soil intrusion and promotes greater contact surface area. Fabric interface is always recommended for sand or soil backfill to prevent intrusion of the particles. Fabric interface may also be used when backfilling the chambers with stone. The fabric works as a “wick” or a “sponge” and allows the effluent to creep up the fabric, utilizing the entire chamber surface for effective contact interface. Much of the available discharge opening may be blocked if no fabric is used-limiting the surface area contact with the surrounding backfill. The filter fabric prevents particulate intrusion in and out of the system during the “ebb and tide” effect that occurs within the chamber system. This is when the chamber itself fills up and then percolates into the ground and then the ground becomes saturated and water/effluent finds its way back into the chamber for storage. The fabric interface also provides a large void between the ribs and is accessible to effluent.

Lightweight and Strong
The dome shape of the Contactor®, Recharger® and Field Drain™ Chambers allow for a more structurally strong plastic unit. The ribbed design allows loads to be dispersed across the entire chamber. One or two workers are able to carry any CULTEC chamber and place them manually. For residential jobs, almost no cover is required to maintain structural integrity, however, 9″ of cover may be the choice for backfill to grow grass or review local code requirements. For installations under traffic areas, our Heavy Duty units should be used.

Protected Bottom Primary Leaching Area
The dome of the Contactor®, Recharger® and Field Drain™ chamber protects the bottom primary leaching area. When the Contactor®, Recharger® and Field Drain™ chamber system is backfilled the protected system base is unaffected.

Easily Inspected
Many questions associated with unknown aspects of conventional systems are eliminated. Every Contactor®, Recharger® and Field Drain™ may be inspected since they have an optional inspection port located at the center of each unit.

Optional Pipe Support
CULTEC chambers have an optional pipe support for use in Gravity and Pressure Distribution Systems. The installer may utilize the internal pipe support system created by the inlet and outlet on the repeating endwalls or the external pipe carrier located in the center of each unit on the inspection port access opening.

Structural Integrity
Similar to the aqueducts used by the ancient Romans, the arch design has proven to be one of the strongest structural engineering designs. As a more modern example, a suspension bridge is an upside-down arch with the tension cables acting as the keystone.

Easy Shipping
CULTEC Chambers stack on skids for easy shipping, loading and unloading. Most septic systems can be transported in a pick-up truck. No crushed stone is needed thereby eliminating the need for dump trucks on sites (where gravel-less systems are approved). Consequently, the disturbed area on a jobsite is kept to a minimum (a great advantage for repair installations with existing landscape).

Interior Support
CULTEC Stormwater Chambers have interior support panels at every interlock for added strength.

Chemically Resistant
HDPE is resistant to most chemicals found in sewage. HDPE also remains resilient in temperatures below minus 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Advantages Over Pipe & Stone Trenches

Type of Trench Effective Leaching Area SF/ft
2 ft. wide x 12″ deep pipe & stone trench 2.40
2 ft. wide x 18″ deep pipe & stone trench 3.00
3 ft. wide x 12″ deep pipe & stone trench 3.00
Contactor EZ-24 3.03
3 ft. wide x 18″ deep pipe & stone trench 3.60
4 ft. wide x 12″ deep pipe & stone trench 3.60
4 ft. wide x 18″ deep pipe & stone trench 4.20
Contactor Field Drain C-4 4.94
Contactor 125 5.00
Contactor 100 5.90
Recharger 180 6.30
Recharger 280 9.00
Recharger 330 9.80

These are actual calculations. Please refer to your local allowances as they may differ from the above evaluations. Contact your local governing agency (such as DEP or DOH) for the sizing guidelines in your area.

We are able to assist you in your design by performing preliminary calculations and supplying AutoCAD layouts free of charge