Stormwater Products

  • Plastic chambers
  • Water quality filters
  • Header systems
  • Stormwater System Accessories

These products may be used for subsurface retention, detention, recharging and controlling the flow of on-site stormwater run-off. They replace conventional stormwater systems such as ponds, swales, pipe and stone trenches or beds, or concrete structures.

  • May be installed in trench or bed configurations
  • Fully open bottoms maximize on-site infiltrative capabilities.
  • Specially designed manifold system is available on some models.
  • Maximizes land use
  • For use in traffic or non-traffic applications

Septic Products

  • Plastic chambers
  • Septic System Accessories

These products are used for septic leachfield systems, where approved. They are an alternative to conventional pipe and stone or concrete leachfields.

  • May be installed in trench or bed configurations
  • Fully open bottoms, perforated sidewalls and use of filter fabric maximize contact area
  • System size reductions up to 50%
  • Gravel-less installation

Please note: Although CULTEC septic products may be shipped to any location, we are currently most cost-effective in the following states: CT, MA, ME, NH, NY. and VT. Call for details.