Career Opportunities

CULTEC, Inc. is currently looking for a Technical Sales Specialist to join our growing team and support our Mid-Atlantic territory with a primary focus in the Philadelphia, PA and southern New Jersey areas. The Technical Sales Specialist will promote the sale of CULTEC products by developing and sustaining relationships with engineers in the assigned territory. They will possess an in-depth knowledge of CULTEC’s products. This position is remote with a high volume of regional travel and occasional visits to our Brookfield, CT office.


CULTEC, Inc. is currently looking for a CAD Technician to join our growing team. The CAD Technician will assist the sales department by providing AutoCAD drawings and calculations using the company’s proprietary Storm Water Management and Septic Leachfield product line. They will respond to inquiries from other departments, customers, engineers, and manufacturing representatives as needed. This position is remote with occasional visits to our Brookfield, CT office.


We love and respect our employees as part of our special CULTEC family. Here is some feedback from some of our employees about how they feel about working for CULTEC: 

“A great family-owned company, that treats you like family”

Phil Attina

Production & Distribution Manager

  • We are a close-knit FAMILY that is in the process of building a company to heights you can only dream about. Get in now and be part of the ride
  • How many companies do you have access to calling the President at any time to talk?
  • The upper management and owners make you feel part of the family
  • Upper management listens. Whether it’s equipment you need, to do a trade show, join a group in your territory, etc. it’s just nice to know they listen to requests and make decisions together.
  • TRUST…. Goes both ways with this one. Lots of trust in upper management.
  • LOVE….. When you see upper management love what they do it helps you love what you do.
Jon Shell

Southeast Sales Manager

“At CULTEC, you feel part of a family, all working together for the good of the industry.  You’re not just a number, and even the most senior members know everyone’s face and name.  They hire like-minded people where experience and knowledge are just as important as personality and the ability to inspire with kindness and reason.”

Michelle Zwick

Standards & Compliance Manager

I left my previous job of 15 years to join the CULTEC team and I have been happy to be here for the past month. Everyone I’ve met and worked with has been so open and welcoming, it’s felt like coming into a new family. It’s been great to join such a close group of people and still be accepted as a new member. Any time I’ve had a question or needed assistance there have been multiple people willing to go above and beyond to help me. I’m very grateful for all that CULTEC has done for me as a new hire to make me feel like I belong.

Steve Almendarez

CAD Design Technician

What I like about working for CULTEC:

  • A positive and opportunistic work environment where collaboration and planning produce results
  • A culture of continuous improvement and adaptation to pursue industry-best products and service
  • Management that considers input for planning and course-plotting
Cameron Brown

Northwest Technical Sales Manager

Joining CULTEC means joining a family of hard-working people that not only care about success, but also each other.  This team has proven for over 30 years what an organization of high integrity people can achieve together.  CULTEC embodies the principles of a true family-grown company and continuously exceeds expectations in the market against some of the construction industry’s largest companies.  When you join the CULTEC team you are embracing the chance to work alongside some of the very best people in the industry and given time and the right commitment and attitude… you very well may find you’ve gained more than just coworkers. 

Taylor Abbott

Midwest Sales Manager

CULTEC offers the flexibility of remote work and highly values a healthy work-life balance

The senior management team is always available to discuss questions, concerns, and growth opportunities

CULTEC offers an incredibly competitive PTO policy with up to 35 paid days off

The company not only offers opportunities for professional development and growth but growth is actively encouraged

Dan Gera

Sr. Technical & Product Development Manager

“What I love most about Cultec is the people I work with and the freedom to fulfill my work in my own way. Managers here don’t micro-manage because they hire good people that they trust.”

Dominic Turner, PE

Technical Specialist - Canada

In my time here at CULTEC, I’ve seen not only myself, but everyone around me grow their skillsets. 

With a great work ethic and an adaptive attitude, you’ll feel satisfied at the end of the day.

Working at CULTEC gives the opportunity for success, and the work does not go unnoticed. 

Chris McMenamey


I am coming up on my one-year anniversary with CULTEC.  Some of the things I enjoy most about this position and more importantly this company are:

  1. There is a small company feel, in a good way.  You can speak with ownership and management and they treat you as an integral part of the team and as an important part of the CULTEC family.
  2. While being a small company there is constant movement to remain current with the latest technologies and practices to streamline workloads and operations.
  3. I have found the company to be attentive and flexible with personal needs with an emphasis on work/life balance.
  4. The culture is friendly and through regular online company meetings, inter-office relations have been maintained as well as possible during the obstacles of the pandemic.
  5. Questions and concerns are answered in a prompt and fair manner. 
Patrick Blocker