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Grangegorman, Ireland

“Roadbridge worked side by side with Cloudburst and O’Connor Sutton Cronin to design an attenuation solution for Grangegorman that had the minimum environmental impact during installation but also delivered the most positive environmental attenuation process,” said Gary Doyle, Commercial Manager with Roadbridge Construction. “This solution was designed in accordance with best practice and in alignment with the EU Water Framework Directive. SUDS specialists Cloudburst recommended the CULTEC Contactor and Recharger stormwater chambers which proved to be the highest quality system and also highly cost effective. Installation was fast and efficient and we are delighted with the finished system which is one of the largest ever completed in this country..”

EOHWC Phosphorous Reduction

Project in Mahopac, NY

Joe Zongol, P.E., engineer of Weston & Sampson said,
“We worked with CULTEC’s design reviewers on the calculations and, within a day or two, had confirmed that our design would effectively accomplish the goal of significantly reducing the phosphorous levels in the water.”

“We have worked with CULTEC’s products before, but this was the first time that I was directly involved with putting the chambers together and they couldn’t have been easier to install,”said Mark Messina, Project Superintendent with Ben Ciccone Inc. “Our entire experience —from working with CULTEC’s representatives for pointers, to digging the hole, backfilling it with stone and snapping the chamber pieces together- was very positive and we look forward to working with CULTEC again.”


Lake Eve in Orlando, FL

“CULTEC offers a large chamber size selection, which helps to fit the system into any footprint on-site in a cost-effective way,” said Momtaz Barq, Principle Engineer, Terra-Max Engineering, Inc. “The system was very easy to work with both in terms of design and actual installation. Plus, CULTEC representatives were accessible throughout the entire process and promptly accommodated even minor design changes.”

Hingham High School

Hingham, MA

“When designing the system, we had to be mindful of the high water table, as well as a 100-year flood elevation area, which is situated just outside the site,” said Peter Spanos, Gale Associates Engineer. “We were able to use CULTEC’s StormGenie® drawing program and the HydroCAD® Stormwater Modeling System to easily generate an accurate system layout and design. Using these tools we dramatically cut down our design time and determined that CULTEC’s Contactor 100HD® chamber was ideal for this project because of its low profile.”

Acacia Middle School

Hemet, CA

“The new stormwater system had to accommodate a large volume of runoff because we can get a lot of rainfall in this area,” said Mike Houghton, contractor with Genesis Construction that put the system in. “CULTEC’s chambers provided the storage we needed. Plus, they fit together and install very easily, and you can’t beat their integrity.”

Riverview at Brookfield

Brookfield, CT

“Working with CULTEC on this project was a real pleasure — everyone from the representatives on site to the office personnel worked hard to streamline the process for us,” recalled Bill Anderson, Owner of W.F. Anderson Construction LLC. “The entire installation process was so simple. We arranged the plastic chambers, backfilled them and were on our way.”

Lynden Pindling International Airport

Nassau, Bahamas

According to Patrick Clark, P.E. of Stantec, engineers were able to provide stormwater retention using CULTEC’s stormwater systems, specifically the Recharger® 180-HD chamber,which offered the largest storage volume and was the best fit given the depth restriction scenario. “CULTEC allowed us to select from a range of chamber sizes to accommodate the site topography,” said Clark. “The systems also provided enough storage capacity to handle at least six inches of runoff over the entire drainage area, as required by the Bahamas stormwater regulations.”

BJ's Wholesale Club

Brookfield, CT

“CULTEC provided a great product for the site which came with so many challenges,” said Jamie Anderson, Engineer with RJ O’Connell & Associates, Inc. “The Recharger 280HD chamber allowed us to provide primary and secondary stormwater treatment and reduce the peak rate of runoff discharging from the site, all while maintaining the existing drainage patterns.”

“The system went together very easily from start to finish,” confirmed Robert Sachs, Owner of Cherry Hill Construction. “We have used CULTEC products on projects in the past, and have always been impressed with how smoothly the system is installed.”

Country Walk Development Amphibian Tunnel

Walden Woods in Windsor, CT

“We worked with CULTEC chambers in the past and know that they do a great job of managing stormwater runoff and recharging the ground,” said Joseph Lenahan, PE, LEED-AP, Project Manager with Fuss & O’Neill, Inc. “In the midst of our discussion about the best solution for the tunnel, we realized that the dome-shaped chambers would work perfectly to allow the amphibians get in and out of the tunnel.”

Looking Good Store

Montgomery, AL

“If the engineers used an above-ground detention system, the site would have lost 22,000 sq. ft., which would have cost the owner about $166,000,” said contractor Danny Clements at Danny Clements Builders. “Instead, an underground system is conveniently located under the parking lot, taking up no usable space.”

Polar Beverages

Auburn, MA

“We needed a chamber that would have enough capacity to handle the runoff from a large rooftop area,” said Norman G. Hill, project engineer and president of Land Planning, Inc. “We could not use perforated pipes in this case because the pipes that could fit in the available space did not have enough storage capacity.”

“The installation process took less than one week, which was very reasonable for such a large system,” said Jeffrey Murray with Patriot Environmental Corp., the project contractor. “I was happy with the ease of installation as well as with the fact that CULTEC’s representative provided all the necessary site-specific sketches and field assistance during the installation.”

Tanger Outlet Center

Bluffton, SC

“The new stormwater system had to accommodate a large volume of runoff because we are located in a hurricane-prone county; we also needed to avoid increasing discharge into the adjacent wetland,” said Carl Close, Project Manager with Tanger Outlet Centers. “CULTEC’s system gave us the needed storage capacity and, at the same time, fit in the tight space allowed by the high water table.”

Manchester Field

Winchester, MA

According to Jacob San Antonio, P.E. Water Resource Engineer at AECOM who worked on the project, underground detention was the only suitable best management practice.
“The site did not have enough space for an above-ground detention solution, so we went underground,” said San Antonio. “We designed CULTEC systems as detention galleys to attenuate peak discharge rates to prevent the existing system’s surcharges and increase storage when the Aberjona River level rises above the low ground areas.”
“CULTEC was instrumental in helping us launch this project smoothly,” said Anthony Amaral, Jr., Assistant Project Manager with Green Acres Landscape & Construction.”A representative helped us every step of the way, clarifying details and specifications, and answering questions about the system’s installation. He has also been on site during the installation to assist in any way he can.”

Acton Faith Bible Church

Acton, CA

Ray Hensley with Stormwater Central, Inc. said, “The site did not have adequate space for a detention basin,” said Hensley. “Some people in the community were also concerned about the visual impact of the retaining wall along SoledadCanyon Road, a scenic route.”

“CULTEC’s system enabled the church to utilize the space that would have otherwise been taken up by an open detention basin,” said Blaine Carlton, engineer with Carlton Pacific. “The basin would have also required an expensive retaining wall and yearly maintenance.”

Giant Foods Supermarket

Bucks County, PA

“With excavation aside, installation of the CULTEC chambers beds only took three days, with one supervisor and three laborers,” said Ray Mizdail, Field Superintendent from The Haines & Kibblehouse Group. “The real benefit to this system is that it doesn’t take long to install, in turn keeping labor costs to a minimum.”

New Jersey Transit Park & Ride Facility

Wayne, NJ

“Another benefit of the CULTEC system is it requires minimal maintenance as compared to other stormwater run-off storage systems,” said Robert Romano, principal engineer for Ernst, Ernst and Lissenden, the consulting engineering firm for the project. “Typically, maintenance is only necessary of the preliminary collection system prior to the infiltration bed.”

Roma Court

Palm Coast, FL

Jason Kellogg of CPH Engineers of Palm Coast turned his attention towards underground storage systems. “We really wanted to provide a beautiful and inviting location with plenty of parking,” said Kellogg, “Really, underground storage was the best choice we could make.”
Kellogg contacted Connecticut-based CULTEC, Inc. and continued to work with them on this project for many years. “CULTEC worked with us right from the beginning,” said Kellogg. “They helped us design the system and came up with a design that was more than satisfactory for our storage needs.”

Orange County Choppers

Newburgh, NY

“When an open detention pond is used to control stormwater run-off, the site loses acreage,” said Larry Ruscitti, Site Supervisor at Ultimate Land Developers, Inc. “At (the) Orange County Choppers’ development, they needed to use a smaller footprint because there was a water stream at the back of the property. The CULTEC system allowed for some extra space they wouldn’t have had with an above-ground system. That space was later used to add to a parking lot and create a grassy area.”

“The CULTEC system was installed very quickly, with only half a day needed to install the chambers,” said Dennis Lynch, Field Engineer at Day Engineering. “It was the first time we ever used an underground system, and CULTEC walked us through every step of its design, layout and configuration.” Larry Ruscitti continued to say,” It was so easy a 15-year old could have done it.”

Holland Community Hospital

Holland, MI

The contractor for the job, Dan Hoe Excavating Inc, of Holland, MI, installed the stormwater management system utilizing the chambers’ unique overlapping rib connection. Project Manager Rich Maike said this was his first time working with CULTEC chambers and the job went smoothly. The units were installed in just one morning.

CSK Auto, Inc.

Phoenix, AZ

“The design flexibility of the chamber beds allowed configurations that were not possible with traditional underground retention storage methods, such as concrete vaults or corrugated metal piping, which both require more maintenance and in some cases even lift stations,” said Todd Nedderman, the project’s civil engineer from Evans Kuhn and Associates Inc. Nedderman continued by saying ,”Working on a previously developed site with limited space for expansion can be challenging to design, both in terms of cost as well as the ability to provide enough land for adequate parking and access.”

Costco in Puerto

Vallarta, Mexico

“I have been in the construction industry for 18 years and have never seen anything like it, nor have my colleagues and co-workers,” said Alfredo Garcia Martinez of Maiz Mier. “After the installation was completed, we were all amazed by how simple it was to work with CULTEC chambers,” said Garcia. “The structure of the chamber itself and the principle of water management it uses all made me wonder why we had never used it before.”

Jenkins Mazda

Ocala, FL

“We had worked with CULTEC previously on another project,” said Phillip Williams at Beeline Development Inc. “In this application, we preferred CULTEC to other options because its products proved to be the most cost-effective solution for the stormwater management plan.”

Fanwood-Scotch Plains YMCA

Scotch Plains, NJ

“Each site presents its own stormwater management challenges, which affect the choice of a system,” said Jeff Cadoff, an engineer at EKA Associates. “In this case, an underground system was the only way to go, and CULTEC presented the largest choice of product types and chamber sizes to fit our needs.”

“It was our first time installing a CULTEC stormwater system, and we were amazed at how smoothly the whole process went,” said contractor Guy Checchio of Checchio Paving. “The CULTEC staff were great to work with: They explained how the system works, made a few necessary adjustments and even came out to the site and helped lay it out.”

Jenkins Mazda

Ocala, FL

“We had worked with CULTEC previously on another project,” said Phillip Williams at Beeline Development Inc. “In this application, we preferred CULTEC to other options because its products proved to be the most cost-effective solution for the stormwater management plan.”

The Home Depot

Fontana, CA

“We have never worked with a CULTEC system before, but the installation was very simple and easy,” said Steve Douglas of S.K. Douglas Construction Commercial Pipeline. “CULTEC was with us in the field and helped us every step of the way. We really liked how all the elements went together just right.” The company has installed several other CULTEC systems since its first installation in Fontana, he added.

North Town Center

Stratford, CT

“Beside the environmental benefits and increased capacity, a major benefit of this system washow efficiently it could be installed,” said Chris Fitzpatrick, owner of Chris Construction Company, the project’s site development company. “Two workers are able to line up the chambers while excavation is underway which saves valuable time as well as decreases labor costs for the installation.”


Guelph, Ontario

“The installation of the system was straightforward and a CULTEC representative was onsite to help with any questions we may have had,” said Joe Monteiro, the project’s subcontractor from Terra-Alta Construction Limited. “The entire process took less time than originally anticipated —less than a full day with only three workers.”

Safe Harbor Condominiums / Metropolitan Parkway

Atlanta, GA

Comments per Greg Mitchell of Safe Harbor Developers, Inc. “You have competition in our area with lower price, I will use CULTEC no matter about the pricing. We have 1000 condo units to build in 5 years and this is just a start.” “The only way I could be more satisfied is if they put themselves in the ground.”

Gateway Square

Hinsdale, IL

Cultec, Inc. supplied a replacement system for a collapsed competitor stormwater system at Gateway Square at 777 York Road in Hinsdale, IL.
First-time user, Pirtano Construction of Addison, IL installed 284 pieces of the Cultec Recharger 330HD Heavy Duty chambers to replace the existing system.

Mike Warning of Pirtano Construction had the following comments: “All of our contacts with CULTEC were very helpful and informative. Whenever we needed information, it was either faxed or talked about over the phone. (They) worked very well with everything we needed.” “The chamber pieces were light, easy to put together and that made the installation go a lot quicker.” “The chambers are cheaper than the concrete system that we installed this past summer. Also, for the installation, the pieces are light enough where you do not need a machine or crane.”

“When properly bedded and backfilled, the chamber should hold up very well. The pieces seem very durable from the way they have been engineered.” “With the comments from our field personnel, I think everything worked out very well for us with the CULTEC chamber system. We would install another one if the opportunity came up. Thanks again for your help.”

St. Lorenz School

Frankenmuth, MI

First time user, Ronald Bronner of Wm. Bronner & Son, Construction, Inc. of Frankenmuth, MI had this to say about installing our Recharger 330HD chambers with the HVLV Header System:

“Excellent. Your representative, was always available for technical questions and was very knowledgeable about the product. ..three lines at 220 feet long each and 2 headers were installed in 3 hours. Good design for ease of installation.Extremely satisfied.”

The Eye Institute

West Florida in Largo, FL

Steven Sherman of Pinnacle Development Corporation in Dunedin, FL had our Recharger 180HD Heavy Duty chambers installed at The Eye Institute of West Florida in Largo, FL. Steven Sherman had the following comments regarding our chambers: “The CULTEC system eliminates the high maintenance and liability associated with ponds, reclaims land for other uses (parking/attractive landscaping), and incorporates the inherent infiltration and renovation capabilities of gravel and soil to protect groundwater.”

“The interlocking overlapping rib connections have been easy to install. We have been able to maximize available space for parking. Everyone who has come by the site has been intrigued with the concept.”

Target Department Store

East Hanover, NJ

Paul Spatz of V.A. Spatz & Sons had the following comments: “Very good. Tech people come to the field to assist in installation. CULTEC team is eager to help in any way. Easy once you get started. Anyone can do it like they had been doing it for years. Very happy.”

Allied Plastics

Twin Lakes, Wisconsin

Tim Neal, Owner of Allied Plastics said, “Allied and CULTEC have been doing business for over 20 years. We have watched and help each other grow. Not only are they great customers, but they are great friends and have an amazing product.”

Allied Plastics

Twin Lakes, Wisconsin

Eric Saunders, Quality Manager at Allied Plastics, Inc. said, “For approximately 5 years, I have been overseeing the quality management system responsible for the manufacturing of thermoformed CULTEC storm water chambers from raw material to finished parts ready for installation. It is always a pleasure knowing that both Allied and CULTEC share the same passion for quality of product and continuous improvement. This collaboration with CULTEC has led to some great product advancements as well as a more integrated material and part testing quality control procedure during the manufacturing process.

CULTEC has been a great customer to work with over the years and I look forward to many more to come.”

We are able to assist you in your design by performing preliminary calculations and supplying AutoCAD layouts free of charge