Stormwater Design Calculator

The CULTEC, Inc. Stormwater Design Calculator is an MS Excel-based spreadsheet used for designing CULTEC Stormwater Systems. It can be used as a stand alone design tool that generates report outputs based on your parameters. View sample report

Current version is: v. 03/19
Download CULTEC Stormwater Design Calculator v. 03/19

Control your site parameters by input:
Unit of Measure – Imperial or Metric
Stone Porosity
Number of CULTEC HVLV Internal Manifolds
Stone Depth Above & Below Chamber
Stone Between Chamber Rows
Include Separator Row for Water Quality
Workable Bed Depth
Max. Bed Width
Storage Volume Required
Stone Base Elevation

Chamber Specifications
Material List
Bed Detail
Stage-Storage Report

Cross Section Detail
Breakdown of Storage Provided

Full Data Sheet to Qualify Calculations

Create CAD Details:
COMING SOON – Currently under construction

Minimum System Requirements:
Microsoft® Windows OS
Microsoft® Excel 2016 or later

Download CULTEC Stormwater Design Calculator v. 03/19