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Contactor & Recharger Septic Chambers

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CULTEC Contactor® and Recharger® septic chambers replace conventional pipe and stone or concrete leachfields. They may be installed in trench or bed configurations according to acceptance by local regulations. Contact area is maximized by the fully open bottoms, perforated sidewalls, and the use of CULTEC No. 410 Non-woven Geotextile. Units may be configured in trench or bed installations using gravity feed or pressure distribution. Due to their greater contact area, CULTEC chambers are commonly allowed to reduce the overall system sizing requirements up to 50% when approved by the local authority.

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CULTEC offers the largest variety of chamber sizes and therefore is able to accommodate almost any site parameter. Sizes range from 12” to 30.5” tall.

System benefits include:

  • Less land area required
  • Greater contact with primary leaching area promotes maximum infiltration capabilities
  • Lightweight
  • Gravel-less installation allows for less heavy equipment time
  • Patented overlapping rib connection is fast and easy to install
  • Repeating support panel adds to strength of installation
  • Long structural life expectancy
  • Able to transport in a pick up truck

The Contactor® Chamber series consists of lower profile, lower capacity chambers used for septic installations with depth restrictions or where larger units may not be approved by the local authority.

The Recharger® Chamber series consists of higher profile, higher capacity chambers. Fewer units are required resulting in a smaller overall footprint, where approved.

Heavy Duty (HD) versions must be used for traffic applications.

Please note: Although CULTEC septic products may be shipped to any location, we are currently most cost-effective in the following states: CT, MA, NY. Call for details.

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CULTEC No. 410™ non-woven geotextile is an accessory item used with CULTEC’s plastic septic chambers.

Contact area is maximized by the use of CULTEC No. 410™ Non-woven Geotextile. The CULTEC No. 410™ Non-Woven Geotextile works as a sponge wetting the entire surface area of the chambers in gravel-less installations and also prevents soil intrusion.

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CULTEC No. 410 Non-woven Geotextile is must be used when installing our chambers as a gravel-less system (using sand or soil) in order to prevent intrusion onto the primary leaching area of the CULTEC septic chamber. The fabric is placed directly over the top of the chamber in gravel-less installations. Our geotextile possesses specific properties which are required for gravel-less installations. The use of alternative geotextiles may void the product warranty. The fabric works as a “wick” or a “sponge” and allows the effluent to creep up the fabric.

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