FAQ’S – Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Recommend Burying The Cultec Chambers For Paved Traffic Applications?

Refer to the the most current Installation Instructions for a complete listing of recommendations. Make sure to always use CULTEC Heavy Duty units when an area is going to be for a traffic application or when there will be a lot of fill over the top of the unit.

Where Do You Recommend The Placement Of Filter Fabric For A Stormwater Management System?

We recommend enveloping the entire system (top, sides and bottom) with CULTEC No. 410™ Non-woven Geotextile. It is mandatory to place a fabric layer between the top of the stone backfill over the entire bed before backfilling to grade to separate the stone and backfill material. Refer to the the most current Installation Instructions for a complete listing of recommendations.

How Do You Control The Water Outflow In A Detention System?

This is controlled by the size and number of the outflow pipe(s) and its outlet elevation.

What Type Of Maintenance Is Required On The Cultec Stormwater System?

The maintenance of the system would be required of the preliminary collection systems prior to feeding the chamber bed. CULTEC recommends that the pretreatment structures (catch basin with a two foot sump, hooded elbow, large diameter pipe header, inlet protection device, or a pretreatment BMP) be inspected at least once every 2-3 months for any debris that will restrict inlet flow rates. CULTEC also manufactures CULTEC StormFilter™ 330, a secondary in-line filter, to further cut down on the silt and fines that may enter the system or you may utilize our CULTEC Separator Row. Outfall structures such as outlet control must also be inspected every Spring and Fall for any obstructions that would restrict outlet flow rates. The chambers are not required to have any maintenance to be preformed (most materials driven to the chamber bed will deteriorate over time). The chamber bed should be inspected annually at the inlet and outlet areas to remove any restrictive materials. OSHA Guidelines must be followed if entering any structure. Refer to our Operations & Maintenance Guidelinesfor detailed instructions.

How Long Does The System Take To Install?

The largest chambers, Recharger® Models 180HD, 280HD, 330XLHD and V8HD, can be installed 20 pieces an hour per person, including backfilling. The smaller Recharger® 150XLHD and Contactor® chamber series can be installed at a much faster rate (approximately 40 pieces or more per hour per person) depending on model size, including backfilling.

How Do I Increase The Inlet/Outlet Opening?

You may use a reciprocating or hole saw to create or increase the inlet/outlet opening. Please refer to the technical specification sheet for maximum sizing parameters.

I Can't Get The Exact Specified Separation On The Chambers. What Should I Do?

We suggest constructing chamber runs according to the recommended center-to-center spacing rather than the recommended stone separation.

What Is The Type Of Fill That Should Be Used To Surround The Chamber And Fill Over The Top Of A Cultec Stormwater System?

Traffic applications are to be surrounded in stone. 1 – 2 inch diameter clean washed broken stone should be used for the stone base, to surround the chambers and exceed the chamber crown inches in a CULTEC Stormwater System Traffic Application. However, native soil or select fill may surround Standard Duty units for non-traffic applications as long as the storage is not calculated to include the storage provided by a 40% stone void. 95% compacted fill free of large stones and debris may be used as final backfill material. Refer to the the most current Installation Instructions for a complete listing of recommendations.

Do You Also Design A Manifold System?

Yes, we manufacture our own unique in-line internal manifold using our HVLV Feed Connectors and a side portal feature found on all our Stormwater Chambers. Elevations for inflow and outflow are set at 0″ – level with the chamber bottom. The internal header is placed in the side portals of the chambers allowing lateral flow from one row to the next. This creates an in-line manifold rather than creating a manifold perpendicular to the chamber bed which would take up more area. You may also use conventional header pipes with our chambers. In this case, the header pipe, feed pipes and outflow pipes may be purchased separately from a local pipe supplier.

Can I Put Inflow And Outflow Pipes On The Same Side Of The Detention System?

Yes. This would require a plumbing detail of specific inlet and outlet heights.

Do I Have To Worry About The System Freezing?

For an operating on-site wastewater septic system that is properly infiltrating, freezing should not be a problem. In a stormwater management system where water that enters the system is above freezing combined with the temperature of the base of the system does not pose a problem in regards to freezing. In a detention system where longer terms of stagnant storage should occur, special attention should be paid to outflow capability.

What Are The Cultec Chambers Made Of?

CULTEC manufactures the majority of its chambers from high density/ high molecular weight polyethylene plastic in ISO 9001:2015 rated factories. The Recharger 360HD and 902HD chambers are manufactured from a Copolymer Polypropylene resin.

Can I Plant Trees And Bushes Over The Stormwater Management System?

We do not recommend that you plant trees or large bushes over the top of the CULTEC stormwater management system or up to 10-15 feet away from the bed perimeter. The tree and plant roots may interfere with the systems efficiency.

Are All Your Models Available In Both Standard Duty And Heavy Duty?

Available in Standard and Heavy Duty:
Entire Contactor chamber series – designated by black exterior, no stripe

Available in Heavy Duty only:
Entire Recharger chamber series – designated by blue exterior or black exterior with a colored stripe along centerline.
HVLV SFCx2, FC-24, and FC-48 Feed Connectors

See the individual product pages for more detailed information.

We are able to assist you in your design by performing preliminary calculations and supplying AutoCAD layouts free of charge