Our Team

Robert DiTullio, Jr. - President

Robert (Bob) DiTullio, Jr. is CULTEC’s President. He is responsible for the generation and implementation of strategic business development plans designed to support company growth and customer retention. Together with CULTEC’s executive team, DiTullio, Jr. has guided the company through its rapid expansion over the last 30 years, crafting its direction and adjusting to the market. As CULTEC has grown, the relationships he has made have grown with it, laying the foundation for some of the most successful CULTEC installations to-date.

DiTullio, Jr. is motivated by solving customer and vendor issues before they happen, as well as delivering the best experience possible. He has built his business philosophy on this principle of customer satisfaction, and using it to carve out new markets to this day. Passionate about philanthropy and the local community, DiTullio, Jr. spends his time volunteering and with his family.

Gina Carolan - C.O.O. & Director Of Marketing

Gina Carolan is the Chief Operating Officer and Director of Marketing at CULTEC. She is responsible for CULTEC’s overall marketing strategy and brand positioning, ensuring it remains strong in each of the company’s chosen target markets. In collaboration with sales and business development, Carolan also works to identify new territories and map out effective ways to capture market share. As the stormwater industry has changed over the years, she has kept pace by developing new ways to take product to market. Most notably, Carolan used her existing relationships to have CULTEC products included in hydraulic modeling programs, such as HydroCAD®, Autodesk® Storm and Sanitary Analysis and Bentley® PondPack. Before this venture, no proprietary stormwater products of any kind were included in these types of software programs. This paved the way for the industry as a whole to capitalize on these platforms for product design and promotion. In addition to strategic partnerships, Carolan spearheaded the creation StormGenie®– the industry’s first automated drawing program which bridges the gap between system calculation and the correlating CAD file output. Carolan’s enthusiasm for company-wide innovation and has been fueled in part by her personal passion for self-improvement and team building. She is an avid follower of life coaches Tony Robbins, Mel Robbins, Jay Shetty and Gary Vaynerchuk. She champions several of CULTEC’s charitable causes and volunteers within the community in her free time.

Fred Dotson - Director of Sales

Fred Dotson is the Director of Sales at CULTEC, Inc. Dotson is responsible for overseeing the company’s overall sales direction and strategy year-over-year. He also directly manages the company’s sales representatives in their respective territories throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean.

Together with the management team, Dotson and his sales force have more than quadrupled the company’s revenue since he started at CULTEC – and he believes the sky is the limit. Dotson’s philosophy on sales is simple: deliver a great product to the customer, along with a quality service experience, and you’ll get a long-term partnership that delivers returns to both parties. A native of Connecticut, Dotson attended Western Connecticut State University and currently resides in Litchfield County Connecticut with his family. Outside of the office, Dotson is the lead guitarist in a popular, local cover band.

Robert DiTullio, Sr. – C.E.O. & Founder

Robert DiTullio, Sr., is the CEO and founder of CULTEC Inc. A graduate of Norwalk State Technical Institute with a major in Chemical Engineering, he served as a chemist and research scientist for a major pharmaceutical company before switching careers to join his father and uncle in building, construction, pre-cast concrete and excavation. In 1982, while owner of a local concrete product manufacturing company, DiTullio Sr. recognized there was a need in the market for a smarter, more economical alternative to concrete tri-galleys. As an answer to this, he proposed the idea of a plastic drainage chamber to the State of Connecticut. After three years of designing and prototyping, the first high-capacity plastic drainage chamber capable of supporting traffic loading was introduced to the industry. Out of this ground-breaking invention, CULTEC was born. Since 1988, Bob has led the company from the front, where he continues to design CULTEC’s storm water management and septic chambers and holds several patents to that end. DiTullio Sr. is married to Christina DiTullio, the company’s CFO, has several children and grandchildren, and views each of his employees as an extension of his family.

Christina DiTullio - C.F.O.

As C.F.O , Chris proactively manages the financial aspects of CULTEC. She also oversees the Human Resource department, as well as the company’s legal/compliance matters, which includes protecting the company’s intellectual property.

Chris works closely with companies small and large to build trusting, long-term customer relationships from the onset of establishing an account to maintaining existing customer satisfaction.

With CULTEC since 1989, Chris has worked in all facets of the business, such as to obtain local, state and regulatory product approvals throughout the U.S. and Canada, initiated the Company’s certification program, and conducted patent/trademark work. Additionally, for a number of years Chris handled the company’s media, promotion and marketing efforts, as Director of Marketing, and has also served as C.O.O.

Previously, Chris managed a security company located in the Danbury, CT area for roughly five years having approximately 150 employees, requiring DOD Clearance processing.

Chris grew up on her family’s Holstein Dairy Farm in So. VT and owned several horses over the years. She received her education in accounting, finance and business law in upstate NY and So. VT with original aspirations of working as a paralegal.

Happily married to her husband, Bob DiTullio, Sr., she has three daughters, an extended family and enjoys spending quality time with all of them.

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