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48 in / 1219 mm

The Recharger® 902HD is a 48″ (1219 mm) tall, ultra-high capacity chamber which has been designed and tested in accordance with ASTM F3430-20, “Specification for Cellular Polypropylene (PP) Corrugated Wall Stormwater Collection Chambers” and ASTM F2787 “Standard Practice for Structural Design of Thermoplastic Corrugated Wall Stormwater Collection Chambers”. Following rigorous tests including measurement of short-and long-term physical properties, and live and dead loading, the Recharger 902HD meets the performance requirements of ASTM F3430-20 and F2418, and meets the demands of the factored loads defined by AASHTO Section 12 LFRD and the CAN/CSA-S6-14 CL-625 Design Truck.

The Recharger 902HD has received its third-party certification to the Canadian standard, CSA B184.2-11: Polymeric subsurface stormwater management structures. Material and structural testing was performed at the highest level to ensure lasting performance of the chambers for years to come. CULTEC is committed to providing products that meet the demands of today’s industry. Check out our listing.

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Typically when using this model, fewer chambers are required resulting in less labor and a smaller installation area. The Recharger 902HD has the side portal internal manifold feature. HVLV® FC-48 Feed Connectors are inserted into the side portals to create the internal manifold.

The Recharger 902HD is available in only one model type and is open on both ends.
A separate end cap is required with this unit (sold separately) to cap the ends of rows.

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4.25 ft1.30 m


78 in1981 mm


48 in1219 mm

Installed Length

3.67 ft1.12 m

Length Adjustment per Run

1.03 ft0.31 m

Chamber StorageThese values are based on the installed length of the chamber. See specifications for installed length.

17.31 ft³/ft63.47 ft³/unit1.61 m³/m1.80 m³/unit

Min. Installed StorageThese values are based on the installed length of the chamber. See specifications for installed length.

27.06 ft³/ft99.28 ft³/unit2.53 m³/m2.81 m³/unit

Min. Area Required per UnitThis is the area of the installed length of the chamber multiplied by the center-to-center spacing.

26.58 ft²2.47 m²

Min. Center-to-Center Spacing (Design Unit Width)

7.25 ft2.21 m

Max. Allowable Cover

2.53 m8.3 ft

Max. Inlet Opening in End Wall

24 in600 mm

Max. Allowable O.D. in Side PortalO.D. = outside dimension of pipe

11.5 in292 mm

Compatible Feed Connector

HVLV FC-48 Feed Connector

Compatible End Cap

Recharger 902HD End Cap

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