CULTEC Chambers supported by HydroCAD®

CULTEC, Inc. products are fully supported by the HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System, making it easy to design and model underground retention and detention facilities that employ CULTEC chambers.

CULTEC and HydroCAD formed their alliance back in 2003. Up until that time, the software program had never modeled chambers or a specific proprietary product –this is just one example that shows how CULTEC strives to think up new developments and relationships to make the design phase as painless as possible.

CULTEC chambers can be easily modeled with the HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling Software, allowing simplified calculation of the chamber’s storage and infiltration behavior. They HydroCAD Chamber Wizard also performs automated chambers system layout, and simplifies the process of designing a chamber system meeting specific storage and footprint requirements.

Free HydroCAD CULTEC Edition Download

Note: The free HydroCAD CULTEC edition is intended for designers and engineers specifying CULTEC stormwater systems on a regular basis. For students and all other individuals, please use the free HydroCAD Sampler located on HydroCAD’s website.

CULTEC is pleased to offer the special HydroCAD CULTEC Edition to its customers absolutely free of charge. With the CULTEC Edition you can construct basic watershed models of up to 5-nodes, including complete storage, runoff, and routing calculations using CULTEC chambers.Free for Limited Time Only.


Click download button and select the “Run” option

Note: Since the CULTEC Edition will replace any previous HydroCAD installation on your PC, existing HydroCAD users should generally obtain a version update in order to retain all the capabilities of their existing software.

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